39 minutes | Mar 14, 2021

The springs of March

Happy Women's History Month!Octavia Butler — BloodchildDemocracyNow! — Octavia Butler InterviewNon-profit Partner NewsWild Salmon Center — 2020 recapThe Land Institute — Awarded Food Planet PrizePacific Forest Trust — A New Fire Policy,  Mt. Ashland Project ProfileSAVE — SAVE in the newsPrivacy NewsDuckDuckGo Privacy Newsletter — Sign upBBC — Spy pixels in emails have become endemicAxios — Google and Facebook still dominate mobile appsIAPP.org — 'Risky Business' study explores 'vulnerabilities' of teen privacy spaceWired — A case against the peeping Tom theory of privacyNY Times (op-ed) — What if we all just sold non-creepy advertising?Company NewsCore Theory/Metamorphic — Self-referencing many to many guideMust-read BooksResetThe Age of Surveillance CapitalismRemote Work BooksReworkRemoteIt Doesn't Have To Be Crazy At WorkShape UpThank You to Our Patreon SupportersCeciliaLuluRyanMarkSam DavidAndrewSpecial ThanksJon & Justin, Transistor.fmCheck out our transistor review★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
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