24 minutes | Sep 28, 2021

Are Your Employees Empowered to Represent Your Brand Effectively?

The phrase "brand ambassador" has become something of a buzzword these days, and who better to represent your brand than the people who work for you? In theory, it's a great concept. But in practice, many business leaders struggle with finding high-quality employees and training them to be effective brand advocates. In this episode, Abbie Fink and Dr. Adrian McIntyre talk about internal and external communications, culture, and what it takes for your employees to become your best brand advocates.If you enjoyed this episode, please follow the Copper State of Mind podcast in your favorite app. We publish a new episode every other Tuesday. Just pick your preferred podcast player from this link and follow the show: https://www.copperstateofmind.show/listen Additional Resources "Is Effective Employee Communications Possible?" by Alison Bailin "What Makes a Good Employee?" by Abbie Fink "Internal vs. External Crisis Communications" by Rachel Brockway "You Can’t NOT Communicate" by Scott Hanson Copper State of Mind is a project of HMA Public Relations, a full-service public relations and marketing communications firm in Phoenix.  The show is recorded and produced in the studio of PHX.fm, the leading independent online radio station and podcast network in Arizona.
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