53 minutes | Jan 7, 2021

Talking with a Trailblazer - Kelly Bergeron

In this episode, I had a conversation that I had been yearning to have for a while. Talking with a woman in tech. But not just any woman; Kelly Bergeron is an unapologetically ambitious, insanely intelligent individual who simultaneously gives off best friend vibes. We covered a lot of topics in this episode including her time working at Salesforce, the value of diversity in the tech industry and what Kelly has accomplished within her own community in Cornwall, Ontario. She is an inspiration to me and listening to her talk can give anyone the courage to stand up and change the world. Podcast Recorded: January 2, 2020Podcast Published: January 7, 2021You can follow Kelly on Twitter: @kellykbergeronLet's get connected!Youtube: ConversationsWithChloeWebsite: https://www.conversationswithchloe.com/Instagram: conversations_with_chloeTikTok: chloesconvosTwitter: ConversationsW7
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