37 minutes | Nov 4, 2019

Social Justice and Female Empowerment with Rebekah

The system of the world is something I find myself constantly challenging. Why are things the way they are? Can strategic systematic changes actually occur? My friend Rebekah and I discuss gender equity in society and the struggles humanity faces stemming from the imbalance of power. We steer the conversation towards the choices we as privileged woman can make in order to help women who are stuck. We believe that we must lift each other up, provide education and opportunity for women to succeed and then perhaps we can cause disruption.Please follow Rebekah through her platform In Hope and Justice to learn more about the power of your decisions and how social justice can be achieved. For more Conversations with Chloe, please visit www.conversationswithchloe.com as well as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more discussion!
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