34 minutes | Dec 30, 2019

My Wish for Waste with Bill Higgins

Solutions with Sutera is something I hold near to my heart. Sutera makes sorting waste convenient, safe and sustainable. In this episode, I speak with Sutera's Business Development Officer, Mr. Bill Higgins about the power of smart waste management solutions. As I start to gather my big picture understanding of how the world of stuff works, I am quickly realizing that there are many shortcomings in the idea of "going-green". One of those shortcomings is not being able to handle the capacity of waste human beings are producing. It is pretty clear to me that how we think of disposing our garbage must become more deliberate. Sutera has created and is continuing to develop innovative waste solutions that has the potential to change our current system. I believe that it is important for more people to start to grapple with the idea "where does my stuff go?", in order to change the amount of waste that is currently circulating. From dog-poop to textiles, recyclables to compost, everything has the ability to become circular from production to end of life, if we start to challenge the norm. Bill not only provides context to the current problem but also insight about viable solutions. I will be starting a campaign to install a dog poop containment system in my neighbourhood, anyone have any advice about how to go about this?Who is Sutera? https://www.suterausa.com/Continue this conversation with me on any of my socials:Insta: conversations_with_chloeEmail: contact@conversationswithchloe.comTwitter: ConversationsW7Website: https://www.conversationswithchloe.com/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChloesConvos/
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