72 minutes | Apr 12, 2020

EP61 – Craig Nobbs (Screenwriter) - Conversations with Calcaterra

“I’m the writer who likes to show up as close to everyday. A friend in my writers group wrote a book about comedy screenwriting, he had a term called ass in chair which I’m an advocate of. You show up each day even if you don’t see output.” – Craig Nobbs as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra “There’s talks about remaking Back to the Future. To me I say no! Do not remake Back to the Future” – Ken to Craig Nobbs on Conversations with Calcaterra “Being an artist is on some level about self-management. Knowing yourself and knowing how to work, who you are to be able to get to the places you need to.” – Craig Nobbs as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra “In any work of art, I’d much rather have somebody take a chance and maybe not quite achieve what they want to achieve because sometimes you will and when you do it’s amazing.” – Craig Nobbs as stated on Conversations with Calcaterra Craig Nobbs is an award-winning screenwriter whom Ken met at the Austin Screenwriter’s Conference. He is based in Manhattan and loves various genres of visual storytelling and music. The conversation was recorded during the stay at home order to lower the curve of Covid 19. For those of you who are drinking to deal with the current state of our nation have a drink when Ken says “absolutely” but be careful. The music featured in this episode is from artist Dave Malerba and his band Seaholm Electric which has been featured in the films of Craig Nobbs. Check out Craigs’s storytelling at https://www.imdb.com/name/nm5965460/ Photography on Instagram - @nobbsc Nobbs Ink Productions on FB - https://www.facebook.com/nobbsink/ His short film DATE & TIME is distributed on Shorts TV: https://shorts.tv/ Visit Ken @ www.kencalcaterra.com and on various social media outlets and please share and comment on this episode. Sign up to our mailing list to receive updates on Ken’s video and photography work and Conversations with Calcaterra Special Thanks to show sponsors: Dr. Mark Holland – http://chiroandrehab.com/ and http://www.mystlouischiropractor.com/ Steven Walden – The 3D painter utilizes vibrant colors to make his subjects jump off the canvas. Check out his sports and pop culture renderings at www.stevenwalden.com and follow him on various social media platforms. Yogabuzz – Yogabuzz offers a unique yoga experience at unique St. Louis venues. Enjoy the physical and mental benefits of yoga and then mingle.
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