55 minutes | Oct 21, 2020

Tamisha Tyler – Journeying With the Wind

The winds of the spirit are like real wind, says Tamisha Tyler. They blow through art, music, poetry, justice, resistance, hope, sadness, and laughter. They cannot be contained in creeds, but they can be channeled by mentors, a young Jew from Nazareth, for example, in whose footsteps Tamisha Tyler seeks to walk. Or a science fiction novelist, Octavia Butler, by whose writings she is influenced. The winds point us toward a place where divinity meets humanity, where spirit meets flesh, stretching us so that our horizons include all the living ancestors: hills and rivers, trees and stars. Sometimes we ourselves become conduits for the wind, not when we speak from mere calculation, but when we speak poetically. In this podcast Tamisha Tyler, a poet and emerging theologian, shares her journey with the wind as a woman of color, faith, and courage.
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