35 minutes | Nov 21, 2020

Chris Savage: Video Content Marketing and Analytics – Episode 87

Chris Savage Chris Savage founded Wistia to help businesses understand how well their video content was performing. Early on they stumbled across content marketing, using their own how-to videos to grow their own business. When COVID-19 hit and customers started interacting with companies virtually, Wistia really took off. We talked about: how he founded and has grown Wistia as a video platform to help marketers understand how well their videos are working their focus at Wistia on educating their customers about how to create videos the differences between Wistia and YouTube and Vimeo and other video platforms how the global coronavirus pandemic has driven huge growth in video consumption in 2020 and the dynamics behind this trend how the virtualization of business with the pandemic has driven both entrepreneurship and new media consumption patterns some of the rules of thumb and best practices around video production how to use video viewing data to inform the evolution of your video content how structuring video content opens opportunities for serialization and similar opportunities how owned video assets are are replacing advertising and other paid media placements and the factors behind this trend an example of how much more effective a video campaign can be compared to, e.g., and outsourced e-book how brands like MailChimp use video to engage customers how engaging customers can reduce friction in a company's relationship with them how, regardless of the medium, the customer is in charge nowadays - and the ensuing importance of focusing on your customers needs and giving them the content they want Chris's bio Chris Savage is the co-founder and CEO of Wistia, a web-based software solution that helps marketers turn viewers into brand advocates to grow their businesses. After graduating from Brown University, Chris and his co-founder Brendan Schwartz, started Wistia in Brendan’s living room in 2006. They founded the company with the goal of helping businesses effectively market their products or services more creatively through video. Recently, Savage and Schwartz turned down an offer to sell Wistia and took on $17.3M in debt instead, which allowed them to buy out their investors, gain full control of Wistia, and take the path less traveled in the tech industry. Now, more than 500,000 businesses across 50 countries depend on Wistia's products to build their brands and their businesses, including HubSpot, MailChimp, Sephora, Starbucks, and Tiffany & Co. Follow Chris on social media Twitter LinkedIn Wistia's learning resource area Video Here’s the video version of our conversation: https://youtu.be/4ne6WTrWUn8 Podcast intro transcript As we move deeper into the multimedia, omni-channel business communications world, video continues to rise as an important content medium. Add a global pandemic that makes face-to-face interactions more challenging and video becomes even more relevant. Chris Savage founded Wistia to help marketers get a better handle on how video engages their customers. In the process of democratizing video production and analytics, he stumbled into content marketing, further leveling the playing field for non-expert video producers. Interview transcript Larry: Hi, everyone. Welcome to episode number 87 of the Content Strategy Insights podcast. I'm really happy today to have with us Chris Savage. Chris is the CEO and the co-founder of Wistia, the video platform. Welcome Chris, tell the folks a little bit more about your background and what Wistia does. Chris: Yeah. First of all, thanks for having me, excited to be here. And so I started Wistia a year out of college, which was 14 years ago, and basically we built it into a platform for marketers to help them present, market, understand how their video is performing. And that means analytics to measure things, customization, branding control, all that stuff.
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