54 minutes | Jan 25, 2021

Why personality in content is profitable and how to do it

You know what kills me? When someone tells me their people are their greatest asset at their company... and then I look at their blog. Every single article sounds exactly the same. And then, when I pull up the blogs of their competitors, they sound just like them.  We're all wandering around talking a big game about wanting to be thought leaders who have big, boundless opinions and singular voices that get us noticed by our ideal buyers. But something happens when we sit down to create a piece of content. We flip a switch and we turn the unique aspects of our personality off. We crush every syllable, punctuation mark, and sentence through a restrictive, buttoned-up translation machine, so we all end up sounding just like everyone else.  So, in this episode, John and I pull back the layers on this problem and discuss: Why we sterilize our voices in our business content Why it's so important (and profitable) that we overcome this How exactly to do it in your content (both written and video) Related resources How to put personality into your blog content How to feel genuinely confident, be likable, and build trust on camera Liz's trusty content audience planner worksheet Subject matter expert's guide to creating content (IMPACT+ pro course) Fake MLK quotes your stepdad Gary posted to prove he's definitely not racist Until next week! 
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