55 minutes | Nov 8, 2020

Rhetoric and the power of precise language in content

Editor's note: This episode was originally recorded in July. Please see the show note at the bottom of this article for more context about its delayed release. When you're a content creator — whether you're writing a script for a video, riffing off the cuff on camera, or creating written content for yourself or in the voice of others — words are your bread and butter.  The right words can move people to take action. The right words can give life to an idea.  The right words can inspire someone.  It's why one of my pet peeves is when someone is searching for the words or phrases to express something, then they give up and instead say, "Well, you know what I'm trying to say." And then the other person says, "Yeah, totally." Then they both walk away thinking they understand each other, when there's a good chance they don't.  But how do you find those right words? What are some of the simple word tricks any digital marketer can employ to make the content they create more memorable, more powerful, more engaging? Well, that's exactly what we talk about in this episode. Enjoy! 
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