50 minutes | Feb 8, 2021

'Dumbing down' your content isn't dumb

A couple of weeks ago in the IMPACT+ forums, one rockstar content manager had this very honest answer to a prompt I had about what everyone thinks is the worst part of creating content: Nathan has a point, you know? And it's understandable why he feels this way. It can feel frustrating to be an expert in something and then be coached to what seemingly feels like "dumbing down" content so it's better understood. How does that make creating content feel valuable, rather than an exercise in futility? Well, let's exactly what we tackle in this week's episode – how do you create content you feel good about and is a positive reflection of your deep expertise (or the deep expertise of your team) without creating distance between you and your audience with that very same expertise? To answer this question, John and I invited IMPACT Principle Content Marketing Trainer Kevin Phillips to join us as a guest this week. Related resources Astrophysicist explains gravity in five levels of difficulty How to write a blog post (+ blog post template) How to put personality into your blog posts the right way Essential content manager training resources, guides, and courses How to build rapport with any interview subject matter expert Until next week! 👋
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