45 minutes | Apr 25, 2021

Creating content your buyers will love

This episode features a special guest, Shondell Varcianna of Varci Media. It's not enough to simply create content that answers our buyers questions. As someone who is a "path of least resistance" kind of gal though, I wish I could say it was, though. That we could all just "check the box" knowing that simply "accurate" answers to questions in content would bring all the "buyer's milkshake to the yard." But it doesn't.  Five or 10 years ago, maybe. But not today, when "good enough" content doesn't cut it anymore, and when it's more likely than ever that our competitors are also trying to win more revenue through the same content marketing tactics.  So, how do you stand out? How do you make it so your content is not only correct and educational, it also is so engaging and memorable that your buyers will come flocking to your digital doorstep? Well, that's exactly what we talk about in this hilarious, super informative, totally candid conversation about what it really takes to create content that stands out in these, the "roaring 20s" of content marketing. Related resources How to write a blog post (+ blog post template) How to put personality into your blog posts the right way 6 topics every subject matter expert must address Trailer for The Terror
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