23 minutes | Apr 18, 2020

Behind the Scenes of The Daily IMPACT with COO Brie Rangel

It's not breaking news that the coronavirus pandemic has left companies around the world reeling, as they've had to quickly embrace an entirely remote work culture.  Prior to COVID-19, approximately 60% of IMPACT employees worked full-time from home. Still, when that number was forced to jump to 100% 34 days ago when our home office closed for quarantine 34 days ago, it was a big adjustment for our team. 🔎 Related: How to stay positive and productive when working from home The focus of this podcast has always been centered around the content we create for audiences to drive traffic, leads, and sales, as well as tips for content managers for working with internal contributors to create that content. But, over the past few weeks, John and I have observed the unexpected importance of a completely different kind of content rise in the wake of the pandemic: The internal content we create to inform, education, and uplift our teams. You see, when the world seemingly changed overnight with abrupt shelter-in-place orders sweeping the country, economic instability, and skyrocketing coronavirus case numbers, IMPACT COO Brie Rangel and VP of Talent Natalie Davis knew we needed a better way to communicate big announcements across the entire company, inform employees of important news and tips, and (quite frankly) keep our spirits up. Thus, The Daily IMPACT — an internal newsletter published on our company-wide Basecamp message board — was born.
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