23 minutes | Jun 30, 2021

How to Brainstorm Content Effectively [B2B + B2C]

Show Notes:0:32: Meet Elsie Weisskoff, her role at Siege as Creative Content Lead1:50: The definition of “brainstorming”2:08: The brainstorming process at Siege Media3:16: Group dynamics when thinking creatively3:58: How Siege Media’s brainstorming has improved over time4:46: Producing ideas–best tools to use for brainstorming6:40:  The power of Reddit, how to use it effectively7:41: Why platforms like “The Pudding” are beneficial8:02: Breaking up B2B and B2C ideas9:05: How to brainstorm for niche industries9:34: Promotable vs. SEO topics11:01: What type of content does well in B2B markets?12:49: How do you brainstorm for a mature content strategy?14:13: Best criteria for a content revamp15:29: How to look for passive link opportunities18:09: What is the Keyword Opposition to Benefit (KOB) analysis? 20:23: What does the future of brainstorming look like?Show Links:Follow Elsie on LinkedInFollow Drew on Twitter
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