56 minutes | Jul 15, 2015

Test Episode 2

What. The. Heck. These podcasts just keep coming out and I don't know how to stop them. This week, we're taking a peek back at the primordial, early days of Constant Mic. This is one of our test episodes, recorded on Michael's sofa before we were even sure anyone other than the two of us would ever hear it. In this episode, we discuss a LOT of penises. Like at least four, I seem to remember - five if you count drawings of penises. We also find time to emerge from our conversational wang forest long enough to explain why you shouldn't always sue dedicated, productive and creative people who are clearly massive fans of your work. Also, we ask what a Kylie Jenner does and why Moira Stewart can lactate all she wants, but we're not watching. This episode features Michael and Michael.   EPISODE LINKS: That Pope Box Myth is from American Horror StoryHard Candy is a good filmMan injects himself with VaselineMan puts his chap in a vacuum cleanerNot a melon as well...Fallout 1&2 are on SteamOddworld got remadeThe Kylie Jenner lip challengePencil lead just stays under your skinGIF is pronounced "Jiff"Beat-em-ups aren't fighting gamesCharlie Murder is punk as effDouble Dragon Neon came outStreets of Rage remake got legalled to deathSonic Boom existsMortal Kombat X came outMen can lactateA guy got stuck in
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