104 minutes | May 4, 2016

S2E4 - Trust Me, I'm a Podcast

Dear Internet, Please find attached our new podcast. We've made it and pat it and marked it with 'B' - actually, we haven't. We've marked it with 'S2E4' as per our naming convention, so really the similarities with the nursery rhyme end there. But don't let that put you off! Where relevance to 17th century writers and indeed the evolution of ballad opera trails off, swearing and weiner jokes take over! And they're more than capable of steering the good ship Constant Mic, as I'm sure you by now know. This week, we tackle the big questions in life. Why do we blame the victims of crimes? How do we improve social housing for the homeless? Has Tim's forehead always looked like that? Are tiger penises blue? Seriously, is there something like genetically wrong with your forehead, Tim? This week, with Tim to the left of me and Michael to the right, here we are, stuck in the middle with podcast. EPISODE LINKS: Boris Yeltsin got really drunk. Alot. HTC Vive Official Site The hydraulic sofa kit, Immersit Elite Dangerous on the Vive isn't as bad as you may have heard, not as good as you'd think Even if it gets better, this won't let Tim watch x-rated videos at work LG bendy screen definitely still exists Japanese people can beam electricity in from space Never wash jeans Never wash shirt Bathing with clothes on is basically a challenge now Hitting tube seats with a rubber mallet is also something people do on the internet
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