49 minutes | Feb 24, 2016

S2E3 - Toilet Humors

Ding dong merrily on high! In our podcast bells are ringing! Well, they're not, but we did record this back last December, so if you listen out carefully you may hear some faint echoes of the sort of borderline merriment that tends to occur during the festive season. LISTEN as we provide tech support to naked businesspeople. HEAR as Tim explains some surprising mis-presumptions about public toilets. LEND AN EAR while Michael decides never to make friends on the bus again. Of, if it suits you better, simply press play on your mp3 player, turn the speaker up to max and abandon our mumbling voices in the bus depot or animal enclosure of your choice. It really is up to you. In the meantime, there remains the question of all the articles and references made during our podcast. They're in here! This week Tim and Michael, Tim and Michael go together like a horse and podcast. EPISODE LINKS: Jews circumcise their children because of Genesis English people are confused by people who speak American Seven uses for Incognito Mode - well, six uses and The Obvious Fat distributions are only marginally split along lines of sex, apparently Workers have the right to a twenty minute loo break in a six hour day Open the toilet door with your shoe Continuous Towel Dispensers are legit hygienic   And that's it! We're done for another cast. See you next pod! - Constant HQ
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