66 minutes | Jan 13, 2016

S2E2 - One We Jelq'd Earlier

Good news! Michael is back on his feet after going back in to hospital and getting some pills and has been able to as a result deliver unto you the attached audio finery. Rejoice! This week we go back in time to before Michael got sick, to just after Halloween. We have a special guest Ian this week, called Ian, as you may have gathered. We'll be covering a variety of topics including the most efficient way to lose a job if you're called Ian, the best way to make love to a fish if you're called Cleetus and the best way to wear your armpit hair if you're called Sally. More importantly, we discuss why you shouldn't pull on your penis to try and make it bigger. It doesn't work like that. This week, kindly give us a Michael (Michael), give us an Ian (Ian) - and what's that spell? Podcast.   THE LINKS:Halloween turnips must have been biggerPeople have been watching zombies do itSomebody wants you to stand on a cake right nowThis medical journal has the deets on the kid with the fishweinerPeople thought this fish could swim up your ding-a-ling because of rumoursThis is what a fleshlight looks likeThis is what an AutoBlow 2 looks likeThe competition winner did an interviewThere's a hairy legs club for the laydeez nowJelqing sticks exist :(Mallards do awful things to eachotherEchidnas have wangs out the wazoo
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