40 minutes | Nov 14, 2015

S2E1 - The Podcast is Dead

Series two - or sizzle tizzle as it's known in the trade - is now a fact of life. Let us at Constant HQ be the first to let you know that we now exist in a world where series two is just a thing that happens sometimes. And it's happened. Right now. In front of your face.  This week, for your entertainment, we have elected to discuss in some detail the Playstation hardware you can get for your PS4. If that's not to your liking, kindly marvel at our understanding of Fallout hoodies, playing Super Mario 3 at work, making your ten year old daughter play Jupiter Lander and how to build a good bridge. We also get for-super-reals a little bit this week and pick up the topic of sexuality as an identity in the context of cooking utensils. What we're basically saying is we're starting strong on this one. This week and in this country, should understand that you gotta have the Michael first. Then when you get the Michael, you get the Tim. Then when you get the Tim, then you get the podcast. THE LINKS: The Fallout hoodie Tim plays videogames in The Playstation controller for your PS4 The Swindon Computer Museum The NES was an arcade cab Super Mario Bros can be on Chrome The Star Road Special This game pirates the pirates and is awesome for many reasons #piggate Black Mirror shipped DavCam and Babe. Sort of Bi Visibility Day was a day that happened This is what 'pansex
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