60 minutes | Jul 6, 2015

Licked Windows

We recorded this after E3! So we talk about it! Join us this week as we discover why you should keep your trousers on while riding a scooter, how to know if you've killed somebody with a sword or not and why all spiders are from Bristol. On the podcast this week, we have Michael and Michael.   EPISODE LINKS:  Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Agatha is a Space Robot from the Future now Home Alone Trailer c. 1990 Urban Explorers talking about the Neverland Ranch on Vice Some things about Final Fantasy 7 will most likely change Unravel is a game So is Cuphead We use Audacity to edit our podcast right now because it's free and good Games for Windows Live eat savegames Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is fun E3 Earthbound Remake trailer Mr Yu fell off his scooter and landed on his Guangdong You can say 'Trephining' or 'Trepanning' and there are even some first-class morons out there that still do it They're called Weepuls Woman stuck to door with superglue This is what the UK Goosebumps covers looked like
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