51 minutes | Oct 25, 2015

Episode 7 - The Thug Lyfe

The end of series one is nigh! Nigh now, like - right now. In fact, as of this podcast being uploaded, it's already been nighed. Nigh over, man. We say goodnight to our crazy first experimental series with a strange mix of bicycling advice, harrowing tales from our respective hoods and wang news. We think we have a format is what we're saying. So what have we learnt? Well Michael has said so long, it's officially forever - Michael is still here and Tim is going strong. Carl got edited out entirely (poor sod) and the other person is still too timid to mic up. We've learnt you can't trust a man alone with anything that might feel nice to put his penis on, how to walk up a mountain and where Mr Blobby came from. I don't think that's a bad tally for our first crack at this podcasting lark. Coming soon is our second series; please do click, tap or interact with the subscribe button in whatever way you are comfortable with in order to be automatically notified of this event coming to pass. In the mean time, please absorb this particular episode on the commuter vehicle or household chore or your choice. Huzzah! This week, we go anecdote-crazy with a selection of tales from both our hosts about street harassment, getting beaten up and getting robbed. Bonus! We also talk about how disgusting food is, where grown-ups are allowed to wipe their butts and try to figure out why Tim loves the D so damn much. This week, when a Tim and a Michael love eachother very much, a podcast is born. EPISODE LINKS: London is dangerous for cyclistsSnuggletouch! The bumwipe one was greeny-blueTap water comes from poopThere's pus in milk. Maybe. Maybe it was just the Daily MailWater has gone through a dinosaurWax can injure your bitsWomen are contouring
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