75 minutes | Oct 5, 2015

Episode 6 - Twisting the Knife

SPOILER WARNING: We talk about the ending to Brothers. If you don't want to hear it, we've got a copy of this week's episode in the bonus content with the spoilers edited out. If you haven't played Brothers, you probably don't want to be spoiled, it's a lovely game. This week we talk about our feelings. Especially in games like Limbo, Brothers, Mirror's Edge and Dead Space. So being upset, heartbroken, disturbed and horrified much in that order. We also talk about mountain walking for some reason, lasers in the context of parenting and why we've stopped stealing videogames. This week ran so damn long, we eventually decided to split it in to two episodes. So expect to see nothing by way of a hello at the beginning or a goodbye at the end. But we will put both in next week, promise. That will then be it for series 1. Our trial period is coming to a close and it looks like this will be something we at Constant HQ will keep squirting out over the internet like a squeezy bottle full of expired mayonnaise for the foreseeable future. We'll stop short of thanking anyone for now because we don't want to gush, but it's good to know you're listening. In this episode we put the Tim with the Michael and we shake it all up. EPISODE LINKS: Hitchbot got his its head kicked inLimbo made us want to cryBrothers is wonderfulMirror's Edge makes a horrible noise sometimesDead Space has gut-wrenching death scenes where guts get wrenchedThe Watkin Path looks like thisDaemon Tools is still goingEA makes a bunch of sports titlesDestiny DLC download kerfufflageDLC
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