64 minutes | Sep 2, 2015

Episode 5 - Drinking on the Job

Michael got engaged. And he then went on holiday. It doesn't get mentioned in the podcast, but it is why we're on Episode 5 and not 6. But don't worry, once that sweet, sweet podcast paper starts rolling in , we'll all be doing this full time and this sort of thing just won't happen. This week we cover off booze, reasons we don't like videogames and one man's apparent and most unfortunate misinterpretation of the word "benchpress". This week's episode is brought to you by the number Michael and the letter Tim. The anecdotal content comes mostly courtesy of the ethanol molecule.   EPISODE LINKS: Man with two chaps does AMAMan gets carried away with a benchCuster's Revenge is awfulYou can seduce the guy from the opening of FalloutDavid Cameron gets romantic with the KGBMan charged with burglary OF a habitation, dummyWhat a sontaran looks likeUrinal rules are importantWhat is banter?Dave Chapelle knows that white people be likeAsian people can't drink alcohol sometimesThe storyline to DestinyPetey-poos got firedYou can get his line on a t-shirt
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