56 minutes | Jul 31, 2015

Episode 4 - What's In A Nipple?

Wow, we spent a good twenty minutes debating nipples. I blame Tim. Join us this week as we discover a brand new emotion, when it is appropriate to use a pedestrian as a speed bump and contemplate the value of the human race. Oh, and nipples. Seriously.   This episode contains trace amounts of Michael and Tim and was prepared in a nut-free environment. EPISODE LINKS: Google Cardboard makes VR cheapYou can play you XBox on a virtual screen nowThe Emotiv headset has been making waves since 2010Unravel still exists and we can't shut up about itToy CommanderSega Bass Fishing actually started life in an arcade cabinetMaybe this guy can explain Crazy TaxiMetacritic says Jet Set Radio is a "Platformer"Space Channel 5 has its own wikiLearning to drive a Shenmue forkliftTeletubbies isn't greatChu Chu Rocket went online with Chu Chu, Kapu Kapus and all the rocketships you could ask forDreamcast had a modemPeople sing in online playTomorrow's World fired Carol Vorderman, so now the only clip of her is from an Ariel washing powder advertRobot you can have sex withiPhone app you can have sex with
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