50 minutes | Jun 3, 2015

Batteries not Included

They said it couldn't be done! Two podcasts in such quick succession it's impossible to not be nominally engorged by their celeritous materialisation. In this week's hour of gratuitous swearing, Michael accidentally stops recording halfway through the weekly peen, meaning it has been edited from living memory. Then! Marvel as Michael accidentally puts his laptop to sleep, prematurely ending the podcast. Finally, stare soulessly in a slack-jawed stupor as he subsequently fails to save the extra fifteen minutes of material we recorded to make up time, meaning we end on his panicked protestations as his laptop shuts down! EPISODE LINKS: Castle Crashers Forest Entrance Music Mr. Blobby's UK #1 Chart-Topping Single Mr. Blobby's Videogame Jim'll Paint It - free MSPaint artwork by commission! The Deluxe Megazord toy is still on sale on Amazon for $500 The McCollough Effect video we watched Brazilian man caught having sex with lovely car Lady gets investigated by Social Services for selling breast milk Man sues Starbucks and loses It rained spiders in Australia again A Chinese guy had seventeen girlfriends Fresh Meat the TV Show The Frog Song The Singing Ringing Tree goldfish clip   Once you're done with
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