69 minutes | Aug 28, 2020

ConspiraTea - Episode 32 (Listen, Little Reptilian!)

Aliens, Lucifer, the New World Order, Esoteric Religious Beliefs, Orgone Receptors, a Strange Murder, Celebrity Reptilians, this cult has just about everything! This week we're delving into the strange conspiracy beliefs of Sherry Shriner and her Virtual Reptilian Cult. Disclaimer: We discuss this a bit in the episode, but just to make it perfectly clear, the term "reptilians" is often an anti-Semitic dog whistle for certain groups both online and in real life. Please be wary of any group talking about "reptilians" for this specific reason. Give us your take on it: conspirateapod@gmail.com Follow us on Insta: @conspirateapodcastatl Talk about conspiracies with us on Twitter: @TheConspiraTea If you or a loved one is involved in a cult, please check out these resources: https://www.cultwatch.com/how-to-leave-recover.html Stay spooky, stay safe, and wash your damn hands!!!
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