77 minutes | Aug 4, 2020

ConspiraTea - Episode 31 (An Iron Receptacle of Doom)

Warning: this episode is pretty gross, and pretty gruesome. Don't blame us, we didn't tell Albert Fish to be a weird, pedophiliac serial killer with a penchant for cannibalism. That's right, this episode we're suppressing our gag reflexes long enough to cover a serial killer somehow more disgusting than Richard Chase. Albert Fish famously indulged in "every sort of vice known to man," including spanking himself with a studded paddle in front of his kids until he bled and sticking needles all up in his body. Follow us on Instagram: @ConspiraTeaPodcastAtl Chat with us on Twitter: @TheConspiraTea Send us an email: conspirateapod@gmail.com Stay spooky y'all and wash your fucking hands!
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