56 minutes | Oct 7, 2022

013. Emily Jeffords: The Audacity to Dream Bigger

“We don’t get more than one lifetime to create these big visionary ideas. We have to take the years that we’re given and just go for it.” 

As an art student she was given the expectation that a career in art would be a constant struggle. “Struggling artist” is a social norm that Emily Jeffords just doesn’t believe. And though she set out on her art career journey with a tenacious attitude and audacious dream to beat the odds, at the height of success she was met with a mental battle she didn’t expect. 

I’m not worthy of this. Am I worthy of this? A need to constantly prove her worth. 

We are taught to hustle. We are taught to expect to struggle. But we aren’t often taught what to do when we succeed! 

If you’ve ever felt you were not old enough or mature enough to accomplish some of your big, audacious dreams. Today’s interview with Emily Jeffords will challenge you to dream even bigger even before you feel quite ready or qualified.

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