51 minutes | Aug 4, 2022

004. Paige Brunton : How to Design a Business you Truly Enjoy

From zero job prospects living in a country where she didn’t speak the same language to a multi-six figure business within just a few years, Paige Brunton’s story is fascinating! 

In today’s interview, Paige is sharing in nuts and bolts detail how she created her business from idea formation to scalable products, how she grew from her first $500 paid client project to getting an inquiry a day (read again: an INQUIRY A DAY!!) and charging nearly $10k per project less than two years later. But hands down my favorite part of our conversation is hearing her talk about how she intentionally builds FUN and JOY into her business.

WILDFLOWER SHOWNOTES : shannaskidmore.com/paige-brunton

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