58 minutes | Jul 14, 2022

001. Shanna Skidmore: What is Enough?

What is Enough? It’s a question Shanna Skidmore has become known for, but to Shanna’s surprise knowing what you need to fund the life you want and keep the business lights on wasn’t a question many in the finance world felt was important to ask. In fact, she once had a mentor tell her “if you don’t want more money you’re just lying to yourself.” Redefining Success. Defining Enough. Building a business on your own terms. Sounds good in theory, but what does it look like to actually build a business that serves your life and your bank account?

Today I’m handing over the mic and scooting over to the hotseat! You’ll hear my own story of leaving the world of corporate finance to start my own consulting firm. Why I tend to walk in the opposite direction as most business “gurus” and financial guys. And how simply sharing my own money philosophy of “defining enough” revolutionized an entire industry.

WILDFLOWER SHOWNOTES : shannaskidmore.com/shanna-skidmore

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