30 minutes | Oct 12th 2020

Anthony Ochieng |Tony Wild

Today we're speaking to Anthony Ochieng, or Tony Wild as he is often known. Tony is a Kenyan-born wildlife ecologist, conservation photographer, traveller, educator, and explorer. He is a busy man!

I've been following Tony's work for the past three years and his photography of conservation projects is truly inspiring. He has quickly and rightly amassed a collection of awards for his work, helping to educate and communicate African conservation issues. And he's also very humble man.

I'm happy to have him on the podcast today, where we talked about how he found his unique place within the conservation community. Tony talks with passion about how wildlife conservation should be as important for people as having food on the table and also how we need a greater diversity of voices within the sector to drive engagement at the local level.

Just a heads up the line was a little poor quality during the call in places, but it's worth persevering to hear Tony's story and messages. As always, enjoy!