48 minutes | Aug 25, 2020

2. Mundia Moola Büsser on Her Journey and the Power of Community in Sports

"To me sport is the ultimate equalizer."  – Mundia Moola BüsserMother of two daughters, a role in a large company, bodybuilding, crossfit, online business and coaching, social media content creator and inspiration for so many people. Mundia takes care of all this and almost certainly a thousand other things. Personally, I find it extremely impressive how she manages it all.I am especially pleased to introduce my very first guest Mundia Moola Büsser in today's episode. A little over a year and a half ago I started Crossfit, where I got to know Mundia. I soon found out that she is very active in the health and fitness field and that she really lives her passion. When I started planning this podcast, her name came to my mind first and I immediately thought that she would fit in very well as a guest. So I wrote her and she accepted without hesitation. Of course I was very happy about that and it helped enormously to be able to put the whole project into action. On this occasion I would like to thank Mundia once again.In this episode Mundia talks about her origins and her personal development to what she is today. In particular, she emphasizes how important a strong community in sport was and still is for her to be able to achieve her goals in the long term. Last but not least, we also chatted about other things related to sports and a healthy lifestyle.It was the first time for me to record a podcast episode with a guest as an interview. I really enjoyed talking to Mundia. It was a really fun experience and I'm looking forward to recording future episodes even more. I would greatly appreciate you to connect with Mundia over the socials and let her know, what you think of her story and this episode. If you were able to take something valuable out of this particular episode please share with a friend to help the show grow. It would mean the world to me. Any feedback is very welcome and it helps to shape the whole thing and help develop the show further. All handles and links to connect with Mundia and me are linked in the shownotes below.Thanks for listening and hear you next time,NiklasListen & SubscribeSpotify | Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts or wherever you get your Podcasts from.SHOWNOTES:Connect with Mundia:MMB Lifestyle:  Website | Youtube | Instagram | Facebook | PodcastMundia's Personal Handles: InstagramMore impressions about discussed topics:Mundia's Vlog on her Bodybuilding Contest: https://youtu.be/FschDGrv8H4Meeting up with Iceland's Crossfit legends: https://youtu.be/9959jrGGDzMThe Iceland Trip Day 1: https://youtu.be/te8erzZ450kSwiss Team Challenge 2018: https://youtu.be/CD82gkHyEaUConnect with me:Website | Instagram | TwitterDrop me a line: hi@conscioushealthSupport the show
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