1 minutes | Jul 22, 2020

0. Welcome to Conscious Health Talks

My name is Niklas Frick, I am a health and sports enthusiast. Welcome to Conscious Health Talks! I would like to constantly develop myself personally, learn new things and share this knowledge with other people. For this reason I have decided to start this Podcast. I would like to give inspiring people a place for discussion, to tell their story and share their knowledge to ultimately inspire you. In the next episode I will go into more detail about how I imagine this to evolve and what I have planned to do with this podcast. Thank you for listening,NiklasYou can find out more at:https://www.conscioushealthtalks.comInstagram: @conscioushealthtalksTwitter: @chtupdatesSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/niklasfrick)
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