55 minutes | Nov 13, 2015

Encore: Our Place in the Universe with Paola Harris

My guest tonight, Paola Leopizzi Harris, is perhaps the most respected and trusted investigative journalist in the field of extraterrestrial related phenomena in the world today. Get ready for a massive paradigm shift, as tonight I will be asking Paola about her memories of military intelligence officer Col. Philip Corso, who shared with her his insider knowledge regarding the truth of the extraterrestrial vehicle that crashed in Roswell, NM; Paola's latest field research into crashed ET craft in Socorro, San Antonio, and Roswell, NM; the important documents she recently received from Sgt. Clifford Stone; the information she has collected regarding human-type ETs; her interview with the author of Raechel's Eyes, a book which documents a relationship with a human-ET hybrid young woman who was attempting to integrate into American college life in 1972; and Paola's upcoming conference, UFOs, Technology & Consciousness: Our Place in the Universe, Nov. 13, 14 & 15, 2015 in Laughlin, NV.
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