23 minutes | Jan 30th 2018


In episode 99, Kestrel welcomes Shobha Philips, the CEO and founder of Proclaim, to the show. An ethically-made and inclusively-designed bra collection, Proclaim is expanding the definition of nude by celebrating real women.

"I think that lingerie should be marketed to the women that wear it - celebrating women's bodies of all types, all skin colors, letting women see themselves represented in these images, and feel like they are included and that they are beautiful."  -Shobha Philips, CEO + Founder of Proclaim

Throughout this episode, Shobha shares insight on the narrow definition of the color nude, and how she's redefining it with Proclaim.

In a past blog post, Shobha wrote: “What started as an annoyance about the color nude turned into something much bigger. It turned into the opportunity to revolutionize an industry. Proclaim is a love letter to women who demand change rather than settling for the status quo.”

Kestrel asks if there are other layers of the lingerie industry that are expired or need to be evolved. Shobha talks about how she believes in taking lingerie out of the bedroom in its marketing, and using visuals that are representative of real women. 

Shobha also explains how manufacturing locally, as well as accessible price points, are important to her and the future of Proclaim.

The below thoughts, ideas + organizations were brought up in this chat: