52 minutes | Jun 20th 2017


In episode 67 of Conscious Chatter, Kestrel welcomes the founder of Luna Zorro, Molly Berry, to the show. As you may have heard, the below quote from Molly has come up in past episodes, when discussing the balance between working with artisans and sharing that story:

It seems to me that the word 'empower' has become a marketing buzz word for many companies to pull the heart strings of the consumer, sometimes to the point of exploitation, manipulating images or stories and convincing people that their single purchase is "changing a life". I work directly with indigenous, Mayan weavers everyday. I need them as much as they need me to make this business work. We stand in a global marketplace together. This is not a charity case and I am not simply "doing them a favor". We are partners. We are creating and designing things by hand and maintaining an ancient tradition that has been all but entirely replaced by machines.

Molly shares her wild and crazy adventures that eventually led her to founding Luna Zorro. Kestrel and Molly also discuss the differences / potential overlaps between artisan made and ethical manufacturing, inspired by a question Harper Poe of Proud Mary asked Kestrel in the past.

Here's a big-time WOW number that came up in the conversation:

According to Triple Pundit, the global artisan market is estimated to be worth $34 billion, and it’s just continuing to grow more. So, it’s probably a good idea that larger companies continue to take note of the global talent in this sector.

Another element that wove its way into the conversation was the importance of aesthetics, photography, and style in the marketing and selling of artisan made goods. For Molly, this is hugely important and it 100% shows through as you scroll through the Luna Zorro Instagram feed.