26 minutes | Nov 24, 2021

446: The 5 Levels of Leadership and Universal "ASPIRE" Model To Coaching | John Hoskins

In this episode, you’re going to hear John Hoskins and George Leith discuss topics from John's book; Level 5 Coaching System: How Sales Leaders Are Developing Preeminent Sales Teams. John has experienced many levels of leadership. He started his career as an account executive with Xerox Learning Systems and moved to Director of US Sales and Marketing, joined Omega Performance as EVP Sales and Marketing, and then founded Advantage-Performance Group and The Real Learning Company which grew to serve over 300 clients and were eventually acquired by Stockholm-based BTS Group AB. From his vast experience in different levels of leadership, he developed an analysis of leadership that involves the 5 levels individuals may find themselves at (Buddy, Parent, Boss, Expert Coach, then Partner in Performance) and how to guide the progress through each. He also discusses his ASPIRE model to leadership, how anybody can be a coach, and how we use this model with our sales teams, sales leaders, and executives.REGISTER HERE If you enjoy our Podcast, this conference is for you. We are inviting you to join our action-packed, half-day conference, Conquer Local Connect on December 9 beginning at 11:00 AM EST (GMT -5). At Connect, we will be distilling insights and themes from this year's best podcast episodes. Learn best practices for prospecting, overcoming challenges, and setting yourself up for success in 2022. Join us live to win big through our giveaways or- at the very least- leave with actionable lessons learned and a massive boost in energy and focus.Conquer Local is presented by Vendasta. We have proudly served 5+ million local businesses through 50,000+ channel partners. Join the conversation in the Conquer Local Community and keep the learning going in the Conquer Local Academy.
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