22 minutes | Nov 17, 2021

445: How Defining Quality Sales Calls Has Increased Revenue 91% | David Pearson

David Pearson is the CEO and Partner of Level Five Selling, an organization that has mastered quality sales calls planning and execution skills that deliver top-line revenue growth for sales teams all over the globe. Prior to joining Level Five Selling, David was the Chief Operating Officer of Vistage Worldwide, the world’s largest CEO executive coaching and leadership development organization, with over 23,000 members. Looking back even further, he was Senior Vice President for TrueBlue, a $2.7 billion global talent solutions company. He led sales of a $1.6 billion business unit, leading the selling efforts of 1,000 sellers, serving over 120,000 customers. He also served as president of TrueBlue’s $100M+ aviation business under the brand name PlaneTechs.In this episode, you're going to hear David Pearson and George Leith discuss topics from the books; Level 5 Coaching and Level 5 Selling. So, what is the Level 5 coaching system? David walks us through how to move from a Professional Visitor (Level 1) to a Value Creator (Level 5) and how selling at levels 4 and 5 have historically brought individuals and teams a 91% increase in revenue, not to mention the immense decrease in "scrap and waste" quality sales calls. Managers need to know the levels at which their sales teams are selling, then through tactical and strategic coaching, take them to a level 5 selling. What level are you selling at?Conquer Local is presented by Vendasta. We have proudly served 5+ million local businesses through 50,000+ channel partners. Learn more about Vendasta and we can help you build your dream agency or learn more about Vendasta’s Affiliate Program and how our listeners (like yourself) are making up to $10,000 off referrals.Join the conversation in the Conquer Local Community and keep the learning going in the Conquer Local Academy.
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