20 minutes | Oct 20, 2021

441: Less Is More When It Comes To Your Social Media Strategy | Krista Neher

Have you ever felt like you were spreading yourself thin across the hundreds of social media platforms? Are you trying to apply one social media strategy across too many platforms? Krista Neher is a social media pioneer. She is a 6-time bestselling author, international speaker, award-winning entrepreneur, global thought-leader, and the CEO of Boot Camp Digital. Krista has written 6 books on digital marketing, including a textbook and a “Dummies” book on social media marketing. She has worked with companies like Facebook, Nike, Procter & Gamble, GE, Macy’s, Google, and the United States Senate and has been featured as an expert in the New York Times, CNN, Wall Street Journal, NBC, CBS, Entrepreneur, and the Associated Press. Krista is passionate about digital marketing and created one of the first accredited certification programs in the world.In this episode, George Leith and Krista Neher discuss specializing on just one platform and perfecting it, adapting content to different cultures and considering infrastructure when doing video campaigns in different countries, and paid Facebook ad strategies- what strategies break through the masses and gain attention.Conquer Local is presented by Vendasta. We have proudly served 5+ million local businesses through 50,000+ channel partners. Learn more about Vendasta and we can help you build your dream agency or learn more about Vendasta’s Affiliate Program and how our listeners (like yourself) are making up to $10,000 off referrals.Join the conversation in the Conquer Local Community and keep the learning going in the Conquer Local Academy.
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