32 minutes | Sep 22, 2021

437: Every Job is a Sales Job, with Dr. Cindy McGovern

Every job is a sales job but nobody wants to be a "salesperson". Even right now, we are trying to sell you on this episode through a cleverly written description and perhaps some great anecdotes from the episode. We are all salespeople- so, how do we recognize these processes and become better?This week’s guest is an internationally renowned business and motivational speaker and is the Author of the Wall Street Journal Bestseller, Every Job is a Sales Job: How to Use the Art of Selling to Win at Work. Cindy McGovern aka "Dr. Cindy" is the Founder, CEO, and First Lady of Sales at Orange Leaf Consulting. She is an expert in the areas of sales, leadership, and management, and has a Doctorate in Organizational Communication. Dr. Cindy helps take the ‘ick’ out of sales and empowers people to embrace their inner 5-year-old to use the art of selling to achieve their personal and professional goals.In this episode, George Leith and Dr. Cindy go over her 5 steps in becoming a better salesperson:Creating a plan for successLooking for opportunitiesListening and establishing trustAsking for what you wantFollowing up with gratitudeJoin the conversation in the Conquer Local Community and keep the learning going in the Conquer Local Academy.
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