30 minutes | Sep 8, 2021

435: Adapt to Digital, In Memory of Paul Plant

We are taking a break this week from our regular schedule to pay tribute to one of our own. We said goodbye to our good friend and fellow Vendastian last week, Paul Plant. We want to share his episode from season 3 and revisit his passion for people, and the ever-changing digital environment.Paul was described as an absolute pleasure to have around. He immensely cared about the people and projects he was involved with, which is showcased in the words of many Vendastians as they described Paul as “a great laugh”, “incredibly unique”, “an absolute pleasure”, and “Vendasta’s most interesting man in the world”. We thank Paul for not only his significant contributions at an organizational level but his “make others better” mentality. It didn’t matter if you were a complete stranger or if he had known you for years, he would do whatever he could to see you succeed. Paul Plant, thank you for everything you’ve done for Vendasta, and for everything you’ve done for our people.Paul was an experienced Strategic Marketer, Digital Thought Leader, Entrepreneur, and Change Agent. He had worked with some of the world’s largest media and telecom companies. His approach was to apply strategic market and customer insights, aligned to a strong commercial focus, to bring about sustainable and profitable change to companies of all sizes, regardless of industry or sector. He Co-Founded BigFive Digital to champion technology adoption within the local small business sector throughout Africa & The Middle East. They continue to aim to provide meaningful news, networking, and business development partnership opportunities for the diverse range of media and technology companies delivering Search, Social, Mobile, Location, and Payment solutions to SMEs.Above all of these accomplishments, he was our friend and a genuinely wonderful human being. Paul, you are deeply missed.
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