26 minutes | Aug 12th 2020

347: Reviewing your Sales Call | Master Sales Series, with Brent Blazieko

Reviewing your team’s sales call, or your calls can be cringe-worthy. We learn why and how we need to get over it.

This episode of the Master Sales Training Series, we dig deep into reviewing your sales call. We have special guest Brent Blazieko,  Founder of Soundlounge by Tbone, AND Conquer Local’s very own Audio Engineer. George and Brent use their past careers in radio to discuss how and why to listen to your personal sales calls and not just your teams. They discuss best practices, how to give feedback, and what to look for when listening to yourself.

Brent is an audio engineer and producer, taking him from radio station imaging to theatre sound design, from production sound recording (on set for films, tv, and documentaries) to in-studio post-production mixing for advertising agencies. Music, sound, and, most importantly, listening have become his focus for work and life. Dedicated to the art of audio engineering, Brent will give your ideas the attention it deserves. Brent proudly produces many podcasts, including “Conquer Local” for George, Colleen, and the Vendasta Team.

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