38 minutes | Dec 17th 2018

8 - My Journey Through Y Combinator and Raising a $1.8M seed All Within 9 Months of Launching: Samir Smajic, Founder of GetAccept

Ever wondered what it’s like launching a company, going through Y Combinator and raising a $1.8M seed all within 9 months of launching? 

On this episode, we’re talking to Samir Smajic, the Swedish founder of GetAccept, a YC backed startup that had raised its seed round right after YC’s demo day. 

You’ll learn:

  • What are Samir’s go-to visas if you’re starting out in the US 
  • How to manage a distributed team between Europe and Silicon Valley 
  •  How to get the traction to raise your first round of capital in Silicon Valley 

Samir’s company: GetAccept.com
Samir’s Linkedin:

Go to
ConquerAmerica.com, get in touch and let me know what kind of guests or questions you'd like to see in future episodes! 

Have a great holiday!

David Drobik

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