67 minutes | Nov 5th 2018

7 - Taking My Company to New York, Mistakes I Made: Jan Beranek, U.plus Founder

Jan grew his company U.plus to a 100 employee startup studio that creates digital products, completely bootstrapped.

However, it took him 2 years to get his first client in the US, after bringing his business into New York. 

On this episode we talk about his top tips on how to take your EU based company into the United States and succeed.

You'll get years of trial and error summarized in this action-packed episode of Conquer America!

Among other things you'll learn:

  1. Jan's number one tip on expanding into the US is to go there yourself, as the founder of your company. You should never send anyone else or try to hire in the US, if you've never done business there, "It is going to fail" as Jan puts it (minute 27)
  2. How to prepare for the culture shock that awaits you after arriving in the US
  3. How to make a first hire and find your first client 

Jan's company: U.plus
Jan's Twitter: @janberanek
Go to ConquerAmerica.com and get in touch and let me know what you think about the podcast so far! Thank you! 

Enjoy the show! 

David Drobik

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