39 minutes | Mar 3rd 2019

10 - How I Went From 500 Startups to Growing into a 60+ Employee Company: Marina Mogilko, Founder of Lingua Trip

I'm absolutely blown away by this 28 year old entrepreneur. Today we're chatting with Marina Mogilko, founder of Lingua Trip and Fluent Express. Marina is also a social media influencer with over 2 million followers across the platforms.

In our wide-ranging conversation we dive into: 

  1. How Marina started her business in Russia and made the move to Silicon Valley 
  2. Marina's journey through the 500 Startups Accelerator 
  3. Visa struggles 

And so much more!

Find Marina:
On Instagram: @linguamarina
On Youtube: youtube.com/SiliconValleyGirl
On Youtube: youtube.com/LinguaMarina

Marina's companies: 

  1. Lingua Trip
  2. Fluent Express

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Yours truly,

David Drobik 

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