33 minutes | Jun 3rd 2020

You Are Not Who You Think You Are: Your Real Astrological Sign and How it Can Help You

What's Your Sign??  I know.  Cheesy.  But then.....what if what you thought was your astrological sign all your life was wrong?  And how could this have happened?  Well, the long and the short of it is that it is the Earth's fault.  The Earth's axis actually.  See, it wobbles a little and over the last 2000 years that has changed our planets' position by a little over 20 degrees.  What that means is: you might actually be a Virgo.  Or a Leo.  And knowing can help you plan better and be more aware.  Welcome Charlotte Benson, our guest for today, and a world renowned Vadic Consulting Astrologer.  Charlotte has consulted with everyone from police departments to policy makers.  And yes, to some very high-power trial attorneys who choose to remain anonymous.  Listen in and see if all this time, you have just been a little off your axis - and what a tiny change can mean for you.  PS.  Join our tribe. First, Because I said so and because you will get to share ideas with some pretty amazing trial lawyers.....
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