32 minutes | Jul 31st 2020

Warriors Eat Chocolate (and Other Truths About Being a Fighter)

“Warrior” – a description that has become almost cartoon-ish.  And hyper-masculine.  The women warriors we see in popular entertainment often are also fetishized for their sexiness, at the cost of their intelligence and true strength.  Lawyers are no different.  And we all know a lawyer (or two or three or a dozen), who go to battle for the sake of the argument: for bloodlust.  That was Aries – Athena’s brother.  Mindless.  Jumping into any fight, with no respect for the risk of harm and the potential cost to others. Athenas are warriors, let’s be clear.  But Athenas fight with purpose and smarts – not for the sake of the fight.  And here is how we do it, whether we are aware of it or not: with discernment, with adaptability, and with physicality.  Today’s podcast examines Athena’s Warrior traits, so you can focus on your strengths and areas for growth as you go to battle each day.It will help you immeasurably to be able to follow along with the visual for the first few moments.  You can find it here – and while you are at it, join our tribe. I want to hear from you!  Like our Facebook page and join your fellow Athenas.  We offer an understanding ear, no nonsense advice, and a soft place to land.  I hope you to see you soon.   Sincerely,Joy Bertrand
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