42 minutes | Apr 22nd 2020

Hello Knot-Meet Stomach: How One Expert Witness Overcame Trial Butterflies

Has anyone ever told you to "just be yourself?"  Did you fight the impulse to find a vase and hurl it at said person?  Did you think to yourself: why does it all of a sudden seem impossible to "just be myself?"I admit that I have. I admit that I know my clients and my witnesses have, too. So...what are 3 things we can do -in real time- to re-train our brains to say what we know and not get distracted by the noise and need to be perfect?  Today we are talking about that with Dr. Kathleen Donaghy - a licensed psychologist and expert witness.  Kathleen is known for her ability to combine conventional and contemporary methods to help you co-create your life all while providing you tools you can use right now to overcome anxiety, overwhelm, and self-doubt.  There are little (and not so little) nuggets of wisdom that I have found myself thinking about and using since Kathleen and I had this conversation.  One in particular, was pretty life-changing.  I am curious and excited to see if you think so, too. PS.  Want to connect with Dr. Donaghy?    You can reach her here  by phone, email, or to set up a skype call.  
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