64 minutes | Sep 4th 2020

Fat is Not a Feeling

Fat is not a feeling.  You cannot run from your fork.Embrace the suck. Hello, friends.  These are just a few words to live by from our guest, Trish Fleischer, an Arizona-based fitness trainer specializing in transforming the bodies and health of professional women.  So here is the ironic thing:  we are all working from home, in various states of quarantine, to keep ourselves healthy.  At the same time, we are doing whatever it takes to earn our own version of the “Covid-15.”  Many of us are achieving a new level of mastery in stress, anxiety, depression, comfort-eating, and over-drinking during this time of compromised routine. Trish is here to tell us how to reboot.  A tough love, honest-with-yourself, no-nonsense fitness trainer who believes in eating and showing you how to get started (and figuring out what is holding you back.)  No shakes, no juicing, and no messing around.  Together we will get this done.Let’s get our Athena back—Joy BertrandPS.  You can connect with Trish by email at trishfit.fitness@gmail.com for a chat, a zoom workout, or a brainstorm about nutrition and fitness.  She is looking forward to hearing from you.  
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