62 minutes | Sep 25th 2020

14 Weeks in a 110 Degree Room, Being Your Own Guru, and Other Lessons Learned by Standing on a Mat

How can the practice of yoga help us in the practice of law?  Andrea Griego, yoga studio owner and body work specialist shares her perspective.  First, the confidence and the humility gained by getting really good at something really hard cannot be overstated.  Next, 80% of all doctor visits are stress-related.  Your body trying to tell you something.  But most of all?  We are students of our clients and of the law at exactly the same time: the most dangerous student is the one who has stopped listening. Yoga makes you strong – it also makes you listen.  To that voice that may start as a whisper, to that pain that won’t go away, and to that stress that seems to always be there. Yoga helps you find our own response to that voice – the one that is best for you and only you.   Listen in on a conversation with Andrea Griego, a down-to-earth yoga instructor and licensed massage therapist who has dedicated her practice to helping you listen to your body and your mind, while gently encouraging you to find your own inner guru.   Learn more about Andrea and how to reach her at https://www.andreahealingarts.com or speak with her directly at 602.625.1948.  She is currently seeing clients for private yoga instruction and massage/body work.  
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